With a New Year Comes a New Force in SL Finance

DGF2_001By Bill Kaye

A new stock exchange and financial services center will open its doors to the public on the first day of 2013.  The Digital Finance Center (DFC), under the leadership of CEO Adam Wintz, has drummed up interest and speculation for some time now, but is technically operating before its official public open.

The titanic skyscraper chosen to house DFC operations has already lured networks to list publicly on the exchange, including such big names as Bay City.  Instead of charging a percentage-based fee for transactions, DFC plans to issue a flat 5L fee on all transactions no matter how larger or small.  In addition, the DFC will only allow for a CEO vote if said CEO owns stock in that company.

The DFC will also forego the use of forums, which tend to be somewhat of a sticking point with some major shareholders and CEOs.

“The great part is we are being recognized already as being a sound full financial service, of having simple exchange operating rules to favor our investors and IPO companies, and having successful companies listed,” said Stevie Cooperstone, the CEO of Advanced Avatar Solutions and Board Member of DFC.  “It is quite nice being met with such favor.”

Visit the Digital Financial Center in: Ethmia (128, 59, 97)

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