Star Wars Role-play Sim, Mos Espa, to Close

By Ludragon Legacy

About a week ago Mos Espa was a thriving city with multiple groups and factions calling it home. Now the city is found as a barren ghost town. Houses and shops have been abandoned as the sim prepares to close down.

SLBR covered the Mos Espa sim in a previous article, but on Wednesday, November 28, Mos Espa will close for good. Those who have called the sim home have received refunds on their rentals as well as an apology from the sim owner. The sim owner has stated a combination of real life and Second Life issues being behind the sim closure.

The sim will stage to one last role-play scheduled for sometime between Wednesday and December 3. The roleplay will be about a sith betrayal in the city and the destruction of Mos Espa. This event will be open to all who wish to join.

3 Responses to “Star Wars Role-play Sim, Mos Espa, to Close”
  1. Daana Kira says:

    We wrote a In character news article on this sim’s last story. The owner said she might reopen it in the future, depending how things will go for her.

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