Second Life in 2012: A Year in Review

Start the Countdown

Start the Countdown

Note: Clearly this list is by no means definitive and likely subject to much debate.

With the new year is just rapidly closing in, it’s the time of year when media starts rolling out their “best of” stories to kill air-time and column inches.  So here’s what we believe makes this year’s list and why.

10) Digital Financial Center – Rumors have raged on about the possiblity of a new stock exchange opening on SL. SLBR can now confirm that the new exchange, Digitial Financial, will open on January 1st, 2013.

9) Second Life Community Convention Canceled in 2012 – Many observers, including the astute blogger Inara Pey of ModemWorld.Com, noted that SLCC had started to attract smaller and smaller crowds in the lead-up to the cancelation. Still, this year marked a symbolic splintering of the SL community.

8) SL9B – If the cancelation of SLCC demonstrated how the community can fracture, SL9B showed how it can unite in defiance. I must credit Inara Pey with filling me on this one, but when LL pulled out of SL’s 9th Birthday celebration, residents refused to let the occasion go unnoticed. This was an inspiring sign of community strength and will-power.

7) Royal Properties Pulls Plug on Residents Without Warning or RefundSLBR covered this story in its last issue.  We thought it served as a backlash on number two on our list.

6) The Curio / Hush Saga.  Hush skins is accused of copy-botting Curio skins.  Curio raises $24, 561 to cover legal fees in its action against Hush.

5) Amaretto vs. Ozmails –  A copyright infringement case erupts between two breedable manufacturers based essentially on similarities in coding.

4) SL expands to STEAM – Linden Lab attempts to expand SL’s user base by opening up SL to STEAM, a portal to role-play and other online games.

3) Culture Shift at LL –  Linden Lab starts to brand itself as Linden Research, a maker of “shared creative spaces” in addition to that thing called Second Life.  In reality, this was a business savvy move, which sets the groundwork for number one on our list.

2) Private Region Losses –  Since December of last year, private regions have dropped from 24,000 to around 21,000.  This has led many to cry for the apocalypse of SL, since Linden Lab, its creator, derives its largest share of revenue from the sale of private estates.

1) Linden Lab Branches into the Tablet, cell phone and app Market – I had to agree with Inara Pey once again on this one.  By releasing four new products this year, LL is testing its prowess out other forms of media.  Ultimately, if LL can stay viable as a company, SL can remain viable as a revenue stream for that company.  Some have speculated that this will cause LL to “lose focus” on SL.  I see it more as if a person got a job in RL to support their SL habits.  If that does become the case, I’d rather have a half-hearted SL than no SL at all.

Do you disagree with our list?  Care to share a top-10 of your own?  Respond in the comment section below.

A Happy New Year from SL Business Review and inKLine Media.

A Happy New Year from SL Business Review and inKLine Media.

One Response to “Second Life in 2012: A Year in Review”
  1. joey1058 says:

    Linden Labs can’t afford not to expand in other markets if they want to remain viable as a company. They’ve kept all their eggs in one basket (SL) for so long, those eggs are starting to go bad (sim closings).Second Life will remain as a grand experiment in social virtualism.

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