inKLine Media Proudly Introduces Avatar Media Network

Avatar Media Network LogoI’m proud to announce that the Digital Financial Center Board of Directors has unanimously approved my Initial Price Offering application to start a new production company and channel for print and multimedia in the virtual universe–Avatar Media Network (AMN).

By joining the Digital Financial Center and utilizing its system of networks, Avatar Media Network hopes to create this channel by engaging the broad range of quality media outlets and independent producers that currently exist to contribute to this streamlined system of communication.

With its wide-rage of production capabilities, AMN will not only produce its own publications, shows and other performances, it will also aid the media industry by providing technical, production and other media related services.

In this new transition, inKLine Media (and its subsidiary SL Business Review) will remain intact and its day-to-day operations will function as usual with the companies now acting as official subsidiaries of Avatar Media Network.  Any business affiliations, formal or otherwise, remain intact as well. Our partners are highly encouraged to participate in this unique opportunity.

The IPO is expected to start early Tuesday. Out of the 6,000,000 total shares created, 1,000,000 will be available at an asking price of 1L per share.  Updates will follow.

For any questions, please contact Bill Kaye at

4 Responses to “inKLine Media Proudly Introduces Avatar Media Network”
  1. Morgan Le Fray says:

    Wishing you lots of success in the future. Morgan

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